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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide lunch and snacks?

Our dietary manager strives to offer meals that are nutritious, delicious, and follow Canada's Food Guide. Our main site offers delicious lunches and two snacks on a 4 week rotational menu. Our before and after school programs offer an a.m. and p.m. snack which are also on a 4 week rotational menu. Click here for a peek at our menus.

St. Theresa
Northern Dancer
St. Anne
Pringle Creek, Seneca Trail, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jeanne Sauve, CE Broughton
Do you take children with allergies?

Yes, we accept children with allergies and dietary restrictions. We will accommodate and provide alternative choices whenever we can. We will work with the child's needs and restrictions and still provide them with nutritious and healthy snacks and lunches according to the Canada's Food Guide. 



What is an RECE?

A RECE is a Registered Early Childhood Educator, someone who is registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators. Each RECE follows a code of conduct and a code of ethics. You can find more about the College of Early Childhood Educators below. 

Who does your inspections, and how often?

As a fully licensed child care facility we are required to comply with the following agencies:

  • Ministry of Education

  • Durham Region Health Department (Dine Safe Program)

  • Durham Region Children’s Services – quality assurance inspections

  • City of Oshawa Fire Department 

For more information about the Child Care and Early Years Act click here  

What are your prices?

Fairy Glen's prices vary based on the age of your child.  Below you will find our fee schedule for our full-day sites as well as our satellite sites.  Please feel free to take a look.  If you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.

Do you take children on subsidy?

Yes, we do take children who are subsidized.  You can find more information about subsidized care below.


What are your policies?

Fairy Glen's policies can be found in our parent handbooks.  You can find more information below about these, and other valuable information in our handbooks.


Parent Handbook
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